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Prince IvanThree young and gifted music artists have combined their extraordinary talents to produce a fresh new sound that has audiences up on their feet dancing and singing along. The three young men who comprise the group – Garon Brett, Brydon Brett, and Aaron Ellsworth – are returned missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and collectively they are known as Prince Ivan. Their goal is not only to entertain their audiences, leaving them wanting to come back for more but also to convey a positive image on and off stage, as well as, present a positive message through the music that they produce and perform. The quality of music that this trio produces is evidence that they are all headed to become big names in the entertainment industry using the gifts and talents that they have each been given.

According to their official website, “Prince Ivan is a breath of fresh musical air. In a creative culture crying out for vision and sonic originality, Prince Ivan cuts through the noise with boldness, energy and a unique Top 40 sound that is progressive, current and throwback all at the same time.” Their philosophy is simple, ““We believe that music is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and that it should render a service to humanity. Our musical vision is to move the world through innovative music that knows no age and that brings the human family together in love, joy, and unity.”

They have returned to the stage at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater in Branson, Missouri, for a third dynamic season of entertainment after a phenomenal concert season in 2015 and 2016. This season they brought their “A game” with a brand new show featuring some of their classic songs from previous seasons, as well as, some brand new material. When the guys first appeared on the Branson music scene in 2015, neither of them could have possibly expected the response that they received from not only locals but from people nationwide as well. In an interview with Branson Tri-Lakes Daily News, Brydon Brett commented, “We had so many of our local and regional fans show up this last year (2015) — some even coming to every single concert. But what blew us away was the fact that we had people coming from Minnesota, Kentucky, Texas, Utah, and all over just to see us. We weren’t expecting that.”

The group’s overall vision is to produce a fresh new sound that people of all ages, in particular, the youth who listen to mainstream radio, can appreciate and relate to. The music that the band performs is not only fun to listen to but is suitable for all members of the family – from the youngest to the oldest.

The band also has future plans to take the show on the road. Brydon also commented about that, “We have the vision to take our message of love, joy, and unity to as many people as we can. We always talk about going from our Mom’s basement to Madison Square Garden, and that is exactly what we plan to do.”

The three returned missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have embarked on a new mission – to show the world that it is possible to create chart-topping music with clean lyrics and messages. This incredible group also writes, produces, and performs their original tunes.

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