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LeBaron SingersJerry and Dennise LeBaron, the patriarch and matriarch of the LeBaron family, are musically gifted, as are their five children. The family are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and love singing together. Jerry works as an engineer and accompanies his children on the piano. Dennise is a very popular elementary school teacher. The couple have been married for 35 wonderful years.

Jerry and Dennise met and fell in love at Brigham Young University. During their first years of marriage, the couple managed to earn three degrees. Their first two children, Holli and Jordon, were also born.

When Holli was a toddler, she showed great interest in wanting to musically perform, and Jerry and Dennise, both being musically inclined, were eager to teach her. Soon Jordon began displaying his vocal abilities, and Holli’s solos became duets. With the birth of Heidi, the duets soon became trios, and the trios became quartets once Jayson added his vocals. Soon after, Juston and Landon came along each bringing their own gifts of music.

After Holli’s death in 2002, the remaining siblings have prolonged her incredible legacy through music. The family attributes its closeness to the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the memory of Holli and her deep appreciation for family. As the family has grown, and the children have married, the LeBarons have been blessed with even more fantastic singers as in-laws and grandchildren.

The LeBarons literally became an overnight sensation when Jordan LeBaron, the oldest of the five siblings, posted a video on Facebook of nine of his most talented family members (the five brothers and sisters and spouses) singing “One Day More” from the Broadway musical Les Misérables, which was recorded in their parents’ living room on Easter Sunday. The video was posted on the LeBaron Singers YouTube channel on 4 April 2018, and has since gone viral, with more than 534,000 views on YouTube alone as of mid-May 2018.

Meet the Lebaron Siblings

Jordon LeBaron

33-year-old Jordon LeBaron is the oldest of the siblings. He is married to Angela, and they and their three children live in St. George, Utah. He works as a speech pathologist, and Angela teaches voice out of their home studio and is on the board of the St. George Opera. His interests include working in the garden, reading, and trying to remember the Thai he learned on his mission.

Jordon and Angela met in the music department while attending Utah State University in Logan, Utah. They have since been fortunate to perform in hundreds of shows, concerts, and albums together. Angela’s family is also incredibly musically gifted, and she and Jordon have had the opportunity to tour Europe singing with them. Their three children, Asher, Chloe, and Bridger are already showing musical talents of their own.

Heidi LeBaron

Heidi LeBaron is married to Spencer Garn. She is gifted in the performing arts, as well as, the visual and written arts as well. Some of her favorite things to do are paint, write stories, and make crafts with her three daughters, Evalyn, Elaina, and Lily.

Heidi loves travel and adventure. She served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Russia. She was also a Space Camp Counselor in Alabama and a Disney cast member in Florida. Of all her adventures, becoming a Garn has been her favorite.

She and Spencer fell in love while working at The Signpost, Weber State University’s student newspaper. Before marrying Heidi, Spencer had no musical talents, but he became a quick study as his new in-laws wasted no time throwing him into the show.

Once Spencer receives his degree from BYU’s law school, he will be taking the Utah State Bar exam to become an attorney and hopes to join the Air Force which should take their family on even more exciting adventures.

Jayson LeBaron

Jayson LeBaron is described by his family as being very thoughtful and extremely lucky. He finds seemingly unsolvable puzzles to be intriguing. It is also a standing family joke that if Jayson is playing a board game, he is going to win.

He served a full-time mission to Taiwan where he learned to speak Mandarin. After returning home from his mission, he attended Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. It was there that he met his sweetheart, Karina, who had grown up in the northeastern corner of Utah, and who was also a theater major. On the day of the release of the seventh Harry Potter film, both came to class as the only two donned in full wizarding costumes. It became obvious that they were meant to be together.

After what seemed to be a very long engagement, Jayson and Karina were married in 2014. They have two daughters, Nora and Maya. He just completed his Master’s in Information Systems, and she is a stay-at-home mom.

Jayson and Karina live in Salt Lake City, Utah. They enjoy Marvel movies, discussing philosophy, keeping the rest of the family organized, and, of course, Harry Potter…Both are Ravenclaws in case you wondered.

Juston LeBaron

Juston LeBarron is outgoing, has a big heart, and loves to make people around him laugh and feel comfortable. He served a two-year full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints in Ghana.

He is currently finishing up his musical theater degree at Weber State University. He is also performing in “The Music Man” at Hale Center Theater in Sandy, Utah. His equally talented girlfriend, Kaitlyn from Ogden, Utah, also attends Weber State and is also performing in “The Music Man.”

Juston is an avid snowboarder, drummer, and extreme sports enthusiast. Ever since he was a little boy, he’s loved trains, and can still sometimes be found driving the miniature steam engine at lagoon.

Landon LeBaron

Landon LeBaron is the youngest member of the LeBaron family. He is currently serving a Church service mission at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Uath, which will be completed in July 2018. Landon has always been the moral compass of the family. He just knows what’s right and wants to do it!

Landon is autistic. He not only can quote every line of Napoleon Dynamite and recite thousands of college sports statistics, but he also has a brilliant mind for music and has worked hard to develop perfect pitch.

Landon loves watching superhero movies, opening the door for everyone he can, and spending time with his older brothers whom he greatly admires. He hopes to one day become a sportscaster as well as spread the news about autism awareness.

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