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James The Mormon and Taylor BennettThere are many Rap artists who perform and produce music videos about various subjects, but none have been noted to produce music that has helped spread the gospel message – until now.

James Brandt Curran is a 30-year-old (19 August 1986) member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who is using his God-given talents to indirectly share the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with a unique perspective. He is well-known on YouTube as “James The Mormon,” and has already produced several YouTube videos on his channel that have gone viral. His first video called “Restoration” was published on 19 August 2015, and as of mid-April 2017, it has garnered more than 135,000 views.

On 23 August 2015, James posted a message on his Facebook page about an upcoming video that he is working on. He stated, “Hi! I’m looking for beats for my next track about the Plan of Salvation and future songs . . . If you know someone who produces/makes beats please introduce me.” Since then he has produced other videos with more in the works. One of his most recent music videos called “Holiday” featuring 21-year-old Taylor Bennett, the younger brother of the famous rapper, Chance The Rapper, was published on YouTube on 13 April 2017, and it has already been viewed over 9,000 times.

Even though James says that he is not a rapper, his God-given talents continue to shine through in every music video that he produces. Beginning with his first video, shot in front of the Provo City Center Temple and including scenes from a few movies about Joseph Smith, where he was joined by his friend Jay Warren as he raps and sings about the Prophet Joseph Smith and his search for truth and how that can be applied to our lives today, to his latest release, he has been, and continues to be, a living testimony that talents were meant to be used and shared, not hidden.

James is not looking for monetary gain from the videos he produces, and in fact, he has announced on his Facebook page that all songs are free. He just wants people to share the videos and the message, and that is exactly what is happening. “James The Mormon” has fast become a social media sensation on Facebook, YouTubeTwitter, Google+, and Instagram, and the Mormon community is not the only ones taking notice of this phenomenal talent. In an interview with Mormon Hub.com, James commented:

My goal is that people will associate me with the Church and it will open a door. ‘That dude is rapping and I like it and he’s Mormon… wait, and he’s black?’ I was born in the Church, but I literally never had a testimony. Then a series of events happened in my life, my girlfriend’s dad hated me and didn’t want me to date his daughter if I wasn’t a returned missionary. My mom was crying every day because I didn’t go on a mission. So I decided to go on a mission. It wasn’t because I wanted to share the message of the Restoration or anything like that. I thought, ‘Why not? It’s good.’

James’ mother is a U.S. Ambassador and a convert to the Church. As she traveled the world she took her family with her allowing James the opportunity to grow up in several different places — Taiwan, China, Virginia, Russia, and Uzbekistan. Although he was born into the Church, it took him some time to gain a personal testimony. It wasn’t until he was in the Missionary Training Center (MTC), at the age of 23, with virtually no knowledge of gospel doctrine, that he finally gained his testimony. Since serving his mission he has made it a personal goal to always be actively engaged as a member missionary. He also maintains a personal website where he shares some of his deepest thoughts and tries to write a new blog post every Sunday.

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